Frequently asked questions


It's how people shop these days - go online, search, find, buy (just like you do).

Be there! Show ‘em what you’ve got! It’s the next best thing to word of mouth, and as you know, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Namecheck your business with every email you send. Why advertise someone else’s company when you could be advertising your own?

Business Builder was created to win you more business whilst you get on with what you do best.

Get more customers. Increase what they spend. Make repeat business a reality with Hosted Business Builder.

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter who makes your smartphone, tablet or laptop or what it runs on (iOS, Android or Windows) EmailerPro works, delivering the same superior service, functionality and security.

No! It couldn’t be easier. If you want to manage things yourself, there are tools so you can do just that.

No time? No inclination? No worries – just email, call or chat the Hosted Business Builder team. Your wish, is our command (oh yes it is).

When it coms to Google search, every business wants to be top ten – make the best start with Hosted Business Builder.

Rising through the ranks takes time. With Business Builder nothing’s wasted – not time, not money, not nuttin!

Every business should have them – Business Builder can help them happen by providing you with a website that works.

The Hosted Tech Team is right here, working for you, when you need something sorting. Anything goes (there’s no such thing as daft question) and whatever problem you might encounter, we’re here to help.